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Noor Agro Group (NAG) is for profit, non-sectarian and non-political, independent company established in 1993. The initial objective of the company was to actively contribute to the agriculture sector by providing certified wheat seeds to the farmers as well as provision of other agricultural inputs such as high quality fertilizers, agro machinery, farm irrigation instruments, and green houses, to name a few. The business partnership has gradually expanded to neighboring Tajikistan, Dubai and China. With the expansion of business, NAG’s area of intervention and networking with the local farmers, other likeminded organizations, donors and local governance as well as line ministries has increased substantially. The major donors to NAG to date are: USAID, FAO, USDA, European Commission, Chemonics, IRD, ARD, PRTs, FAO, IFDC, PHDP, HLP, World Vision, Madera, Ministry of Agriculture and DACCAR. To date NAG has successfully implemented 100s of big and small projects in the agriculture sector.


NAG’S vision is to be a reliable, effective and innovative pioneer in the agricultural sector. The overarching vision is to assist in sustainable and economically viable agriculture practices and the process of food security efforts in Afghanistan.


To empower the local farmers and marginalized sections of the society by providing them good quality seeds, machinery and training to boost their production and economy.


Noor Agriculture Group (NAG) is a legal entity and is registered with the Ministry of Commerce, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


The Director is the highest authority to set or dissolve policy. The director has the authority to decide on NAG’s progress and expansion. He is supported by his deputy and a team of departmental managers. The managers are responsible for sales plans and project implementation. The departments consist of Sales, Administration and Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Communications and Outreach. The current staff strength totals to 50, inclusive of staff in Kabul and regional offices in Hirat and Mazar-e-Sharif.

NAG management brings many years of successful agro-based business experience and have made continuous progress since its establishment in 1993. The team comprises of managers, technical experts and sales representatives from across the country. NAG is considered a reliable Company because it is well positioned to implement big projects due to its experience and sustained relations with the line Ministries especially the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers in remote and far flung villages across Afghanistan.

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